Running A Great Workout: Try a Running Group

As the 8 wk long Biggest Loser program at work comes to an end next week, I get to return to my running schedule to help train me for that great    

I know running doesn’t come easy to everyone or may not be a favorite exercise for most but it is a great workout.

According to there are 6 benefits to running:

  1. Improve Your Health
  2. Prevent Disease
  3. Lose Weight
  4. Relieve Stress
  5. Eliminates Depression
  6. Boost Your Confidence

There are programs and groups out there that can help you train.  Last year I joined my jobs Couch to 5k program and it help me go from no activity to running my 1st 5k on 11/11/11.

There are also running clubs or groups that you can join for motivation.  It is always good to have an accountability partner to help encourage and motivate you along the way .

Running and Training groups:(click image for more information)

So try something new, go out and get fitted for the right pair of running shoes and hit the pavement.

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Workout Wednesday: Fitbit Review

So,  last week we talked about getting Bootylious and the plyo exercises you can do to maintain that rump. Let’s continue on the Bootylious trend and end the month with yet another way to keep that rump in check. I’m sure you do it everyday subconsciously and may just even clock more steps with this great device. It’s WALKING, get excited! 🙂 This low impact activity can boost your heart rate, tone lean muscle in your legs and keep that rear on the up.

Now, what’s the device you ask? It’s a fitbit. It can be clipped on your pants pocket, waist, or my fav place the bra (right in the center). That way I don’t lose it. It’s small enough that no one even knows I have it on. Since I received it, I’ve worn it everyday and noticed that my daily total steps have increased. I take the stairs at work, park farther from entrances, and make it a point to do some walking on my lunch break. Now everything I do is a workout. 🙂

What does the fitbit track?

  • daily steps
  • distance
  • calories burned
  • floors climbed

The fibit does sync with myfitnesspal and converts your steps into calories burned for you. I also, like that the it takes into account the amount of effort it takes me to walk. For example, when I’m carrying Yus during a walk it calculates for the weight I’m holding, thirty pounds of solid boy. 🙂

My Fitbit dashboard for 5/29/12

Note: On “workout” days I do take my fitbit off for the workout so, I can track my cardio and strength workouts separately.

Do you own a fitbit? Are you making a conscious effort to take more steps in your day?

Peanut Butter vs Almond Butter

In my quest to eat better, I was interested in learning more about the differences between Almond and Peanut Butter. I love peanut butter and there is nothing like a PBJ sandwich.

So last week I found a sample pack of Justin’s Almond butter to try it out and at a quick lick of my finger I wasn’t that happy.  So this is going to be something that I tray again and I may have to try a different brand to get use to the taste.

When looking up some difference I learned the following:

The ingredient list on either should only include the nut (peanut or almond) and maybe some salt. There should not be any added oils or other fillers. When you compare the nutrition facts for peanut and almond butter you won’t see any big differences. In a 2 tablespoon serving, you get 190-200 calories, 16-17 grams of fat, 1.5 grams of saturated fat (which means 14-15 grams of HEALTHY unsaturated fat), 7-8 grams of protein and 2 grams of naturally occurring sugar.

On the Micronutrients side of things Almond butter takes the lead: Almond butter has 26% more Vitamin E, 3% more Iron, and 7% more Calcium than peanut butter. It’s higher in magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and antioxidants.

What about the “fats?” This is where the almond really shines. Almond butter has 50% more monounsaturated fat than the peanut spread and about 25% less saturated fat. This is good news for anyone, and especially for those keeping an eye on cholesterol. Another important factor is that almond butter does not contain any trans fat. NONE.

On peanut butter’s defense, there is a misconception that all peanut butter contains trans fat or hydrogenated oils. This is not true. You can now choose from a range of “all natural” varieties that eliminates the trans fat (and any un-natural ingredients). These varieties are made from pure peanuts with no added oils, fats, or sugars. You’ll recognize natural butter by the oil separation at the top of the jar. The trans fat found in regular peanut butter is so minimal (less than 1%) that the FDA labels it as being at 0.

Let us know which one you like best and how you enjoy eating it. Leave us a comment or tell us on Facebook or Twitter.


Recipe Sunday’s: Healty Snacks for Your Sweet Tooth

So the secret is out, I have a major sweet tooth (All 32) 🙂 Sweets are my soft spot and my goal has been to stay away from them for about 8wks. (at least while competing in my companies Biggest Loser Contest)  Five weeks into this program I have to applaud myself for staying clear of all my cravings and the millions of temptations I come across each day at work.

I did give in a bit last week for my B-day and Mother’s Day, so this minor backsliding encouraged me to find healthy snacks that can satisfy my addiction.

Here are some tips from one of the Trainers at my Job, Allison.

  • Go for dark chocolate…the darker the better but work your way up to the darker stuff (70% and higher)
  • Make your own trail mix with dark chocolate covered almonds, walnuts, pecans, whatever you like except peanuts.
  • Just do plain dark chocolate individual squares
  • Melt some semi sweet baking chocolate and cover strawberries or any other kind of fruit. The bananas you can freeze and make popsicles (just do half bananas).
  •  You can also make your own chocolate bar with melting that and pouring it over some nuts. If you have to wait for the chocolate to harden in the fridge you are less likely to over indulge like with a fondue pot
  • Freeze grapes and pop those in your mouth, they are refreshing and sweet.
  • Do a bowl of fruit with a small amount of chocolate drizzle or balsamic drizzle

More tips:

Homemade Granola Bar Recipe

Let us know what you are snacking on.

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Fly Mamas: Fashion Tips For Your Body Type

So now that I am finally ready to get rid of my granny/prego clothes it is time to understand how to dress for my body type.  I am tired of just throwing on sweats, stretch paints and big tops.  I want to truly become a Fit Fly Mama.  I have never really had a since of fashion, even when I was smaller size.  My goal while getting in shape and shading a few LBs is to gain a better fashion since and to have fun doing.

I started looking up how to dress for your body type and then realized I didn’t know my body type.  After looking at some pics and asking one of the trainers at work I learned that I am a “Full Hourglass”.

I found a few cool sites that had some great tips.

Tips for Body Types


Tops: V-Neck Tops

Bottoms: High-Waisted Pants

Dresses: Wrap Dress


Tops:  Tunic and Empire-Waist Top

Bottoms: Slim-Cut Pants

Dresses: Shift Dress


Tops:  Boatneck, Tailored Jackets

Bottoms: Wide-Leg

Dresses: A-Line Skirts


Tops:  Fitted Jackets, Feminine Tops

Bottoms: Boot-cut

Dresses: Flared Skirts

Now I can take a little cheat sheet with me when I go shopping.  I’m on my way to becoming a Fit Fly Fashionista Mama.

Let us know what styles work for you. Leave us a comment or tell us on Facebook or Twitter.