Mommy Monday: Parent Child Swim Lessons

Last month I signed Yus up for swim lessons, the first of our many mommy & son adventures. I was extremely excited for our class. I talked it up to him for a week. In the bathtub I’d say, “Splash all you want, swim lessons are going to be even better.” Clearly he had no clue what “swim lessons” were but I knew if I kept talking about it he’d soon put 2 and 2 together.

first & second lessons

Our first class was a mini disaster. The chill of the water + new people + having to pour water on his head while singing the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” song  x a crying Yus = mini disaster. I must have apologized at least 3 times to the instructor and the parents close to me. If it wasn’t for such a great instructor I would have deemed this first class an epic fail. My instructions were to continue to move through the motions and kiss and hug Yus in between the movements. “Seriously, Mr. Instructor my child is freaking out.” He insisted that things would get better after each session and that his own daughter cried all 7 sessions. Are you kidding me, isn’t this considered child torture? I pushed through the first class and I’ll admit it was the longest 30 minutes I’ve ever spent in a pool. DEATH!

Anyway, the second class Yus showed improvement. The tears were minimal and he got out of the pool for the jumping in part, but would not jump in. He just gave me this, “Mom you have got to be kidding me” look. This past Tuesday, our third class, he should have been awarded the medal For Most Improved. My baby did everything with a smile and he even jumped into the pool. Sweet baby Jesus, I think we have put 2 and 2 together! I was clearly wearing the “My child is AWESOME” heart on my sleeve. 🙂 He was laughing and smiling and I definitely did the shreeking mom voice at least five times.

Can’t wait for our next class tomorrow! Did you know swim lessons are a great upper body workout? My arms were killing me the next morning.

How do you cheer your baby on?


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