Potty Training Adventures: With a Little Independant Diva

Now that we are a month into the wonderful twos we have also started the adventure of potty training.  My dive Peyton learned early how to pull a pamper off and get dry ASAP. (15-16 Months)  We would encourage her to put them back on since they were not wet enough (they are expensive)  Don’t judge! 🙂  But this diva said not me and would immediately put them in the trash and Yell  “Good Job”  (she showed us)

Since starting her new day care Peyton has been introduced to a little toilet and a little sink (just her height and size).  The independence and passion to potty and wash her hands 50 million times a day seems to be speeding up the potty training.  To keep up the potty flow we showed her how to use her step tool to turn on the lights, get on the big girl potty and wash her hands.  At times the bathroom turns into her play room, but we are changing less wet and soiled pampers each day.

The new Huggies are very helpful during this time too. She is able to pull them up and down with ease.  Unlike the real pull ups you still get a good amount in each pack.

My baby girl is growing up and I’m enjoying every minute of it.  Next week we will be trying big girl training panties. Can’t wait to add new lyrics to our potty songs for encouragement. “Go Peyton Go Peyton, you made pee pee in the potty” or “You went pee pee in the potty, pee pee in the potty”

Here are some Potty Training Basic .  Let us know how you encourage your LO.

Smile Often and Stay Blessed



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