Timi & Leslie – Diaper Bag Review

I had a convo with P last Friday about needing a new diaper bag and she promptly sent me this link and I started browsing. I had originally wanted this stylish tote in grey but when my eyes meet the Timi & Leslie Charlie I was immediately SOLD.

Timi & Leslie Charlie – love!

My only want in my new diaper bag was to have outside/inside pockets to hold a sippy cup. I was under the impression that I didn’t need anything else, since I’m on a personal mission to get Yus potty trained. The Timi & Leslie Charlie changed my mind, FAST. My thought process went from I’m a mom of a “soon-to-be potty trained” toddler to I’m a mom of toddler boy and boys tend to take longer to potty train. HA! Clearly, I just wanted a new bag.

I started rationalizing the need for the extra pockets and before I knew it the bag was ordered and the receipt and tracking number had been sent to my email addy. I was extremely excited, not just for the new bag, which was a Mother’s Day gift to myself, yes I do that, don’t act like you don’t do it too. 🙂 Seriously, I was also excited because the bag helped me step out side my usual black and cognac bag colors.

So, enough with my ramble:


  • Large tote 17W x 4.75D x 14.75H inches
  • Amazing color options (Mustard, Black, Tan, Aqua)
  • Features (water-resistant lining, 2 elastic pockets for bottles, bottle tote, elastic pocket for diapers or nic-nacs, key fob, shoulder strap & stroller straps)
  • Great style & versatility
  • Mom clutch included w/ interior card slots
  • Fits comfortably on shoulder
  • Doesn’t slip of my arm during the pick up Yus process
  • Easy care & cleaning (as directed in the hand little booklet attached to the bag)


  • Maybe too large for crossbody feature (have yet to try it)
  • Tempted to put life in tote (personal con – working on it)

    stuffed ~ ready for church

Did I mention I ordered the bag on Friday and received it Saturday afternoon. That was with the FREE shipping. Clearly, this is the best diaper/mommy bag I’ve owned to date. Loves it!

Do you have a fav diaper bag?


2 thoughts on “Timi & Leslie – Diaper Bag Review

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