Family Traditions: Making Memories Count

I was reading the FB page the other day and the photographer posted a pic of her daughter.  This post was about her daughter’s’ upcoming b -day and their traditions. “I usually celebrate her birthday a whole week in advance with a present each day before her birthday. They are very little things I get at the dollar store and I write her something special about my best memories of the past year!!”

I so love this and it made me think of some of the traditions that we have in my family and ones that I would like to continue/start with my daughter.  Growing up I would get a corsage for every B-day, and when I got older my mother would get me a strawberry short cake (My Fav :)).  For Christmas growing up my mother always dressed me in red PJs, so this is something that I have started with my daughter too.


My BFF Stacey makes cookies with her niece and nephews every year on Christmas Eve, love this too so this past Christmas Eve Peyton and I had a ball making sugar cookies.

Co, made cup cakes for Yus’ 1st Bday and this is one tradition she plans to keep.

What are some of your family Traditions?


Smile Often and Stay Blessed



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