Terrible Twos Yields Patients

I had a talk yesterday with Yus’ teachers and found out some good news and bad news. So, clearly bad news first, my LO has run smack  into the “terrible twos”. Ah! I’m not mentally prepared for this phase.

His teachers, explained that he has been very emotional lately. Great choice of words for saying my LO was clingy and crying a lot. 🙂 I knew this phase was coming. My hope was that it didn’t come until the week before his second birthday. Wishful thinking!

The good news. Yus is not a bully and doesn’t hit other kids nor are other kids hitting on him. Two points for us! I’m not going to lie I was worried for a second about him hitting other kids when he doesn’t get what he wants or worse biting. Once your kid is labeled as a bitter it sticks. The school can even ask you to leave.

Well, since I’m not the first parent to go through this stage and I won’t be last. The lovely folks at parents.com have compiled 6 helpful tips to tackle the “terrible twos”. I absolutely love this quote,

“Though his outbursts are frustrating, keep in mind his actions are not acts of defiance directed toward you; he’s developing independence and learning how to express frustration.”

Hope this helps you cope with your toddler’s “terrible twos” phase.

my cool toddler

Do you have any tricks that worked on your toddler?


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