Healthy Recipe Substitutions

I stumbled upon this great site recently, while looking for healthy substitutions to some of our fav recipes and I’ve been hooked ever since. I mean the title says it all. We all want to be the Greatist versions of ourselves at all times, don’t we? Yes, we do!

Seriously, who wants to stop eating cupcakes and pizza? Not me! We just need to change the way we go about indulging in such great foods and how often. I love food! 🙂

Head on over to Greatist for the full list of 80 Healthy Recipe Substitutions, below are some that I have tried and look forward to using more regularly:


  1. Brown rice for White rice
  2. Olive oil for Butter
  3. Rolled oats for Bread crumbs
  4. Whole wheat pasta for Regular pasta


  1. Whole wheat flour for White flour
  2. Unsweetened applesauce for sugar/oil/butter
  3. Vanilla for Sugar
  4. Graham crackers for cookies  (in pie crust)


  1. Veggies for Pita chips
  2. Dark chocolate for M&Ms (in trail mix)
  3. Popcorn for Potato chips
  4. Sweet potato fries for French fries

Do you have some great recipe substitutions? Leave us a comment or tell us on Facebook or Twitter.


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