Fly Mamas: Fashion Tips For Your Body Type

So now that I am finally ready to get rid of my granny/prego clothes it is time to understand how to dress for my body type.  I am tired of just throwing on sweats, stretch paints and big tops.  I want to truly become a Fit Fly Mama.  I have never really had a since of fashion, even when I was smaller size.  My goal while getting in shape and shading a few LBs is to gain a better fashion since and to have fun doing.

I started looking up how to dress for your body type and then realized I didn’t know my body type.  After looking at some pics and asking one of the trainers at work I learned that I am a “Full Hourglass”.

I found a few cool sites that had some great tips.

Tips for Body Types


Tops: V-Neck Tops

Bottoms: High-Waisted Pants

Dresses: Wrap Dress


Tops:  Tunic and Empire-Waist Top

Bottoms: Slim-Cut Pants

Dresses: Shift Dress


Tops:  Boatneck, Tailored Jackets

Bottoms: Wide-Leg

Dresses: A-Line Skirts


Tops:  Fitted Jackets, Feminine Tops

Bottoms: Boot-cut

Dresses: Flared Skirts

Now I can take a little cheat sheet with me when I go shopping.  I’m on my way to becoming a Fit Fly Fashionista Mama.

Let us know what styles work for you. Leave us a comment or tell us on Facebook or Twitter.



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