Workout Wednesday: Fitbit Review

So,  last week we talked about getting Bootylious and the plyo exercises you can do to maintain that rump. Let’s continue on the Bootylious trend and end the month with yet another way to keep that rump in check. I’m sure you do it everyday subconsciously and may just even clock more steps with this great device. It’s WALKING, get excited! 🙂 This low impact activity can boost your heart rate, tone lean muscle in your legs and keep that rear on the up.

Now, what’s the device you ask? It’s a fitbit. It can be clipped on your pants pocket, waist, or my fav place the bra (right in the center). That way I don’t lose it. It’s small enough that no one even knows I have it on. Since I received it, I’ve worn it everyday and noticed that my daily total steps have increased. I take the stairs at work, park farther from entrances, and make it a point to do some walking on my lunch break. Now everything I do is a workout. 🙂

What does the fitbit track?

  • daily steps
  • distance
  • calories burned
  • floors climbed

The fibit does sync with myfitnesspal and converts your steps into calories burned for you. I also, like that the it takes into account the amount of effort it takes me to walk. For example, when I’m carrying Yus during a walk it calculates for the weight I’m holding, thirty pounds of solid boy. 🙂

My Fitbit dashboard for 5/29/12

Note: On “workout” days I do take my fitbit off for the workout so, I can track my cardio and strength workouts separately.

Do you own a fitbit? Are you making a conscious effort to take more steps in your day?


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