My Biggest Loser Results are in!!!


My 8 week Biggest Loser program has come to an end.  Today was my final weigh in and post measurements.

During this program our trainers offered boot camps 3 times a week and we could attend the fitness center’s regular weekly classes.

Over these 8 weeks I have learned the following:

  • To make smarter/healthier food choices
  • That I can push myself to do things I thought I may not be able to do
  • How to make better food choices when eating out
  • Portion control
  • It is not about the number on the scale but your overall health and body composition

At first I was a bit down that I didn’t lose as much as I thought I should, but after looking at my before and after numbers I was impressed.  I could also see a huge difference in pictures.

As of now I am one of the t0p 3 females.  Final results will be out this Friday. (if you can’t tell I was on the Orange team with a great trainer Allison)


  • Down 9.2 lbs
  • Lost 14 lbs of fat
  • Gained 5 lbs of muscle
  • Lost 4% Body Fat

Here are my pre and post measurements:

Biggest Loser Pre and Post Mesurements
26-Apr-12 Weight 224.8
Body Fat Inches
Tri/Chest 40 Waist 41.5
Ab/Supra 46 Hips 47
Thigh 30 Thigh 27
Total % 38.4 Bicep 16.2
Chest 45
7-Jun-12 Weight 215.6
Body Fat Inches
Tri/Chest 36 Waist 37.75
Ab/Supra 30 Hips 45.5
Thigh 30 Thigh 24.75
Total % 33.5 Bicep 14.5
Chest 44
Percentae of Weight lost: 4.1

I plan to keep on working to achieve my ultimate weight loss goal.  I will be attending more Hot Yoga classes, Boxing classes, Fitness classes and will continue to work on healthy eating habits.

GO ME!!!!!!!!!!!

How will you challenge yourself this summer? Leave us a comment or tell us on Facebook or Twitter.



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