Marvelous in Our Monday

We have decided to link up with Healthy Diva and use Monday’s to spread some cheer, inspiration and much-needed motivation.

Happy Monday, this weekend for Co and I was all about family and friends.

Nkoyo traveled to ATL GA for her friends wedding. (Looking Good Cuz)

Peyton and I went to visit my grandmother and family for the weekend. (Nana, Auntie and Peyton on the way in church)

Good times Faith, Family, Friends, Food and Fellowship


I also needed a bit of motivation this weekend, was bummed that I didn’t place in the top 3 for the Biggest Loser program at work.  So I found a few quotes to help get me going.


After getting motivated we went out for a family run. (Hubby not happy that Peyton cried for the last mile but we did get to feed the ducks on the way)

Join us this week for our #watertime challenge. Goal is to increase water intake and to come up with creative ways to jazz up your water. Today I added fresh lemon juice to my water.  Benefits of lemon water: Cleanses your system, Aids Digestion, Stimulates the Liver.

Hope you had a Marvelous weekend!! Have a Marvelous Monday…

Did you have a Marvelous weekend ~ share it with us?



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