When was Your Last Physical?

I had to ask myself the same question two weekends ago. When I found myself nauseous and dizzy at my friend’s wedding. Upon my return I immediately scheduled a physical just to get checked out from head to toe, to make sure all was well.

Seriously, my last recorded physical was 5 years ago, senior year of college. Not a good look. Yes, I’ve had my regular woman check ups annually but haven’t asked for a physical to be included since college. My doctor asked questions pertaining to my health activities like:

  1. When was your last period/How far apart are they?
  2. Do you smoke/drink/use drugs?
  3. Any health problems you have (headache, stomach pain, nasal/ear problems etc.)?
  4. Are you regular (bowels)?
  5. What types of prescription/non-prescription medications you use?

Your weight, blood pressure and a neurological exam are performed. The answers to the questions along with the conclusions of the exam, helps the doctor decide whether or not you need to have some blood work done. In my case I didn’t need any blood work and I checked out fine. Not to mention since October 2010 I’ve  lost 54 lbs. Talk about motivation and the green light to work out even harder and eat healthier.

When was your last physical? A healthy mom has a healthy family… Lead by example…


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