Fly Mamas: Summer Style

So the summer heat this weekend reminded me that it is time to revamp my summer wardrobe.  I’m all about cute, comfortable and flexible styles during the summer.  What is more cute, comfortable and flexible than a  summer dress?

summer dresses that are created equal

Maxi dress  


Maxi dresses are very formfitting at the top, but loosen up and free flow at the bottom. They are made to flow with your body. They look good when you’re a size 0 and when you’re expecting — there aren’t many dresses that are that versatile! No matter your shape or size, they look gorgeous.

Colorblock dress 

Color blocking

We’re lucky color blocking is trending right now! Color blocking dresses look good on anyone because the attraction to the dress is all about the color combinations. Find one that’s cinched in the waist because that always flatters. I’m obsessed with color blocking dresses that are horizontal in print. Find one in a maxi or empire style and you’re extra golden!

Empire dress   

Empire waisted

An empire waisted dress is very “regal” looking. It’s the type of dress where the waistline is raised above your natural waistline, sometimes as high as right below your bust. The length of the dress can be long or short, depending upon your preference. I’m five feet tall, so I stick with shorter because it gives the illusion of height.

What kind of dresses do you like to wear in the summer?



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