Adventures in Motherhood: Summer Activies for the kids

School is out, Weather is warm (for some it is HOT), and it is time to have some Fun!!!

This past weekend Hubby and I took Peyton to Kings Dominion, she loved the water park.  This got us thinking about other fun things to venture out and try with her this summer.

(“mommy please remember my swimmers next time.”)

Some of our plans this summer:

  1. Take her back to a water park
  2. Swim Lessons
  3. Dance Class (she starts this Thursday)
  4. Lake Tucker
  5. Marbles Kids Museum
  6. Zoo
  7. Etc

Check this site out for 101 Fun Things To Do in the Summer

Frugal Dad has 14 Cheap Summer Activities for Kids:

  1. Day 1. See a “one dollar” movie at the theater.
  2. Day 2. Sprinkler day.
  3. Day 3. Attend “story time” at your local library.
  4. Day 4. Set up a lemonade stand.
  5. Day 5. Teach your kids to fly a kite.
  6. Day 6. Make homemade play-doh.
  7. Day 7. Bake a cake.
  8. Day 8. Build a “fort” in the living room.
  9. Day 9. Go bowling.
  10. Day 10. Declare a “bored” game day.
  11. Day 11. Have a water balloon fight.
  12. Day 12.  Create a “mini-me.”
  13. Day 13. Pajama day.
  14. Day 14. Spend a day volunteering your time.

What plans do you and your family have this summer?



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