Pro Training: Mommy’s Time to Get Buff

By Bill Waltzek – CPT, Owner of ForwardFit

let the kids join in!

With the busy schedule of a mother, workouts are hard to come by.  So finding the time to workout has to be strategic.  Last month I created a playground workout for ForwardFit that required no equipment – just the use of the local playground.  With the popularity of this workout I thought, let’s do something fun and creative one that will require no equipment, plus the imagination of your child.

What’s a better way to get a workout in then when your child is only 10 feet away from you, playing with chalk and being creative?   Let them help create your workout!

Perform the following workout and not only will you get a great calorie burn but you will not have to worry about paying for daycare to get your sweat on.

“The Chalk Game”

Start out by writing the following words on the ground and outline them each in their own box:

  • Pushups
  • Squats
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Planks to Pushups
  • Lunges

Draw another set of squares that say the following:

  • 10 reps
  • 15 reps
  • 20 reps

After the squares are drawn, ask your child to step in any one of the exercise squares to pick your move (they get to pick, not you).  Once they are standing in the exercise square, yell “go” and have them run to the set of rep squares.  Once they pick the rep square you can start.  So, for example, maybe they first stood in the “pushups” square, then they ran to the “20 reps” square. You would have to complete 20 pushups. Once all the reps are completed, call out to your child to run to the next square and repeat the process.  If they are old enough they can join you in the workout as well.

They key is to make it a game.  At the very least if they get too bored they can just draw with the chalk and you can pick at random the exercises and time.

Continue the workout for a total of 30 minutes.

Mamas Chat with: Bill, CPT, Owner of ForwardFit

1)      How long have you been training and where did you receive your certification/education?

I received my certification back in 2006 from ACE (American Council on Exercise) as a personal trainer.  Each year I continue to immerse myself in continuing education.  It is important to keep learning – stay hungry for knowledge.

2)      When did you start ForwardFit and what was your motivation behind starting your own fitness company?

I became incorporated in January 2010.  After 3 years of working at a Fitness club I started gaining so many of my own clients that I was getting bogged down.  I was training 40 clients on top of my day job (advertising and marketing) and working at the club.  It was too much.  I had a good thing going and was frustrated at the structure of the big box gym so I decided to quit and get my own personal training business incorporated.

There are a lot of great trainers out there but there are also a lot that are not in it for you, the client.  It’s all about you!   I don’t like putting people on machines, checking out girls in the gym or texting.  I am focused on my clients and give them 110% every time, as any client should expect.  I created ForwardFit because I love helping people change and move forward in their fitness, lives, goals and routines.  That is what ForwardFit is all about.  “Move Forward” and enjoy the journey.  Challenge yourself, challenge your mind and change your body!

3)      What’s your favorite part of training clients?

Their sense of accomplishment.  When someone walks through my door and smiles because I am the best part of their day.  What else do you need? It’s a feeling that keeps you going.  There are so many jobs out there that have no meaning; this is not one of them.  Trainers change lives, and that is priceless.

4)      How do you create your workouts?

I like to stick to fundamental movement patterns that are essential to getting people out of their daily lives.  Most people sit all day long, so I don’t want them sitting during my workouts, I want them opening up and waking up some of the sleeping muscles to get back to moving better.  In addition I want to make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck – burning the most calories possible, in the least amount of time while being creative and having loads of fun.

5)      What is the best before & after workout meal?

In its simplest form a pre-workout meal might consist of a protein shake 30 minutes before your workout.  Post workout – I would sip on a protein shake with carbohydrates for fast absorption (chocolate milk is a good alternative with it’s mix of carbohydrates and protein).   In its food form your post workout meal would include a protein, vegetable and a starchy carbohydrate for recovery an hour after your workout.

To learn more about ForwardFit check out Bill’s website, Facebook, and YouTube pages.

Do you want to know more about a trainer in your area or have them customize a workout for you? Tell us who should be next on Facebook and Twitter.


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