Marvelous In Our Monday

We have decided to link up with Healthy Diva and use Monday’s to spread some cheer, inspiration and much-needed motivation.

This weekend was another family fun filled weekend for us both. 

Co’s weekend recap:

We had a great wknd family cookout and pool time as the temp hit 100+ in the Midwest. 

Yus going to town on his corn on the cob.

I’m adjusting my food intake this wk. Low carb, veggies, fruits, and fish only. And doing in home workouts this wk since J is out of town. I’ll be doing a cardio n weights DVD in the morning and taking Yus for walks in the evenings 6x this wk and I did hit the gym or wrkout 6x last wk .

P’s weekend recap:

We visited with family in Va and enjoyed the holiday with good food and fun.  Peyton and I got in a 2.21 mile run/walk/feed ducks on Wed morning which was great. This weekend my  Hubby and I got a bit crazy with a 2 mile run in 96+ degree weather.  (Glad we Got It In and Got It Done early) 🙂

2.21 mile run/walk/feed ducks around Lake Lynn

The 3 of us also got to enjoy Sweet Frog for the 1st time.  I have been hearing so much about it and we finally took a family outing to enjoy some cool treats in this heat.

Looks like she enjoyed Sweet Frog


Co and I are rededicating ourselves to our fitness goals starting this month.  We have decided to take it to the next level by-moving more, eating better, drinking more water and working out 5-6x/wk.  Join us by posting how you are taking your goals to the next level.

Yummy-must try:

Motivation for the week:

Hope you had a Marvelous weekend!! Have a Marvelous Monday…

Did you have a Marvelous weekend ~ share it with us?



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