Mommy & Me Workout

There are a ton of toning exercises that you can do in the comfort of your home with your LO. I find that I’m more inclined now to do some of the exercises, now that Yus is older and I don’t run the risk of being spit-up on.

Here are few toning exercises we do:

mommy & me

1) Squats – assume your normal squat position, make sure your LO is secure and start your set. Yus is counting now so this makes it more fun as he counts for mommy.

2) Lunges – I like to make sure Yus’ legs are slightly open so they can hang on either side of my lunge leg. The up & down motion for some reason always makes Yus laugh

3) Kiss Me Crunches – have your LO straddle you and/or sit on your lower abs pelvic region, make sure to get those shoulders off the ground, kiss and slowly come back down.

4) Baby Back Plank – get in your starting plank position (forearms on the floor, right leg straight and left leg bent) this will allow for stability while your LO is climbing on for the ride. Straighten your left leg, hold in that core, breathe and hold plank for 15-30 secs, riding the alligator is so much fun, as long as its mommy 🙂

Let us know what toning exercises you do with your LO. Send us pictures on Facebook and Twitter we’d love to see them!


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