Finding the Right Sports Bra: Big Boobs

Wednesday I realized that my 2 bra support team was no longer working for me. (1. old reg bra and 2.smaller more stable sports bra)  While doing jumping jacks in my Boxing and Abs class, I almost poked both of my eyes out.  This can’t be good or healthy.

Few tips on shopping for the right sports bra: (click link for more)

  1. If you have a large chest and need a lot of support, look for sports bras with wide shoulder straps and racer back straps.
  2. Examine the seams of the sports bras. You’ll want seamless fabrics, seams with rolled edges, or covered seams to help prevent chafing.
  3. If you like bras with under wire, check that the under wire is completely covered so it will not gouge.

The Top Women’s Sports Bras

Your Sports Bra Fitting Guide

Co and I are on a hunt for the perfect bra.  Please let us know what has worked for you.

Some common Brands:





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