NTC: Get Focused Ab Burner

Seriously, I have had the Nike Training Club (NTC) app on my iPhone for-ev-er (in my Sand Lot voice) and this past week was the first time I actually put it to use.

Man-oh-Man! The 30 minute Sweat + Shape workout had me winded, sore, and I barely finished. So instead of giving up I’m going to embark on a self-proclaimed Ab Burner challenge, with your help.

My plan is to complete the Get Focused/Ab Burner 15 minute routine 2x/day. I will continue to use my Nike+ and run a minimum of 2 miles 3x/week and go to at least 1 group training session. I will post an update next week Wednesday.

About NTC:

Your personal trainer. Anytime, Anywhere. Start by selecting a goal, get lean, get toned, get strong, get focused and choose from the list of workouts under each goal. You can also have music in the background while audio instructions from the trainer plays, guiding you through the workout. Before you start your workout, I suggest playing the step-by-step video instruction of each drill. You are also, able to track your workout history and progress, unlock exclusive athlete workouts as your minutes add up, share your progress on social media and download bonus workouts each month.

Ready, Set, Burn that Fat…

the TRUTH!

Do you have a workout routine that works for you?


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