Workout Wednesday: Love Hate Relationship with Some Exercises

The other day in my Boxing Boot Camp a few words/instructions were yelled out and immediately my heart sunk.  25 Burpees, 25 Squat Jumps, and 25 Mountain Climbers.  Here are some exercises that I have struggled with for a while, and I am quick to ask for a modification. Most of the time they tell me No or just flat our ignore me. (nice way of saying You Can Do It)

Being the inquisitive person that I am I asked my friend Allison who is a trainer, why do so many trainers like these exercises? “Because they work multiple muscles at a time, they get your heart rate up, etc”

I asked Co the other day what exercises she has a Love Hate relationship with and her’s include burpees, box jumps, and mountain climbers.  I would agree and add squats (any form) and planks.

Why we should Love these Exercises:

Burpees Benefits: Full Body Workout, Fat Burning, Strength, Conditioning, Free, Portable

The burpee is a full body, strength training exercise. With each repetition, you’ll work your chest, arms, front deltoids, thighs, hamstrings, and abs. Trust me. Your legs will feel like they’re pumping battery acid after you complete a set of burpees.

Mountain Climbers Benefits:   According to Live Strong, the mountain climber is a calisthenic exercise that works the entire body. It builds strength in the arms, shoulders, core and legs, while also working the cardiovascular system.

Squat Benefits Benefits: Tones the Legs, Lifts the Butt, Strengthens the Core, Increases Flexibility, and Upper Body Workout

Squat exercises are great for a total lower body workout. They effectively work most of the major muscle groups of the butt, hips and thighs. Squats are also a versatile exercise. They can be done in almost any location, with or without the use of weights or equipment.

Box Jump Benefits: Plyometric box jumps not only improve power and strength, they also burn a significant amount of calories when done in higher sets.

Plank Benefits: Strengths Core, Develops Abdominal, Strengthens Lower Back, Corrects Posture, and Develops Flexibility

Planking exercise is a strength training exercise that involves maintaining a stationary position under a certain point of time.

What exercises do you have a Love Hate relationship with?


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