You Are What You Eat.


I saw this on tumbler and was like, Duh! Nkoyo.


I’ve noticed that if I eat well, I feel better and subsequently I’ll workout or move more than usual. Just adjusting my eating habits over the last few days has made a world of difference. I’m more energized and I don’t have to talk myself of eating something. 🙂 You know what I mean. When you start rationalizing why having some m&ms or a scoop of ice cream is ok.

You say things like:

  • I’ve been good all week and this is my treat
  • If I eat this, I’ll just run an extra 30 minutes to burn the calories
  • I hate wasting food, so I have to eat it
  • I don’t want my co-worker to think I’m rude when I refuse her brownies

Shoot, just last week I said, bullet 1 and 3 to myself. I’m finding that when I do indulge, I tend to over do it and get that guilty feeling afterwards. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s a journey and it’s going to take some time but before long my healthy habits will be apart of my lifestyle.


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