2nd Birthday Bash – Elmo’s World

I love, LOVE, love birthdays. Why? Because I get to pretend to be an event planner. I can pick a theme, schedule a venue, create invitations, decide on party favors, and the list goes on and on. I’m not sure which I enjoy more planning or the actual day. Either way, it’s all tons of fun for me.

For Yus’ 2nd birthday, we took on the water park challenge (which we’ll be doing more often). We went to Cypress Cove, a beautiful outdoor water park (indoor water parks give me the hibi-gibis) with just enough to do for the kids and the parents. Of course this years theme, was none other than Elmo World. Yus, loves Elmo, they go to many places together for his 2nd birthday not to have been all about Yus and Elmo.

Thanks to Target and Old Navy his birthday party outfit was also Elmo. I won’t say how long I was looking for Elmo swim trunks but when I found them on SALE in his size. I felt like I needed to make an acceptance speech.

I’d like to thank God, for knowing I’d venture into this store on today, and making sure I turned the corner to find more sale items in the back of the store. I’d like to thank my husband for supporting me always and our little boy for letting me dress him in his favorite Sesame Street character, Elmo. Thank you, thank you all so much!

*insert falling balloons, confetti, and streamers*

… and I digress, but seriously it was that kind of feeling. My search for all things Elmo didn’t end with his outfit. I also, found a great decorating idea for Elmo cupcakes here. I used my tried and true Martha Stewart vanilla cupcake recipe and instead of chocolate icing for the eyes I used small semi-sweet chocolate chips. Can you say yummy!!! Not to mention my gratification came when Yus said, “Mommy Elmo” as he pointed to the cupcakes. Sweet Success…

I must say that I feel, these Elmo cupcakes came out much better than last years jungle animal cupcakes. And this years, party planning and execution was a lot less stressful for some reason.
So without further a dew, here are a few pics from the party.

Elmo gear

Elmo cupcakes

family fun before the accident

You may start to see more baking recipes as I can’t rationalize right now getting this baby in persimmon if I’m only baking 2-3x a year.


3 thoughts on “2nd Birthday Bash – Elmo’s World

  1. Oh my I sure remember the Elmo days. Cherish them. My son would come running when the theme song came on. I love the cup cakes! Elmo passions changed to Bob the builder, incredible hulk, power rangers, pokeman….and now he is a tern….sigh…what I would give to go back to Elmo

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