Traveling with Little Ones

I must say that I feel like an expert in airport travel with my child. Nkoyo, girl how many kids do you have? Just one. How long have you been traveling with him? Since, he was 6 weeks old. Girl, what makes you an expert. Hahaha! I am what I say I am, If you believe it you can achieve it.

I WILL a great day and pray for traveling MERCY! It’s a mental game. I mentally play the travel day out in my head the night before. I like to insert, rude comments and whispers too. Yes, and the occasional *side eye*, for when he’s acting like a “toddler” and running all over the place. If I act unphased the innocent bystanders will just laugh it off and for those who don’t. I like to place them in the, you def don’t have kids, don’t want kids, don’t work with kids, can’t stand kids category. And that’s where the *side eye* comes in because I think, to myself clearly they have forgotten that they too were a child once. 🙂

Now this works well when it’s just me and Yus but when daddy is involved things are a bit more uptight. 🙂 Daddy likes more order and Yus tends to do slightly better. I say slightly, because we normally have a 30 minute wait period that I try to alleviate when we travel just the two of us. Either way my main tips are:

  1. Snacks are a must!
  2. Multiple sippy cups (if possible)
  3. Visit the family restroom before the flight (those airplane bathrooms are the irk of my life)
  4. Fully charged iPhone/iPad
  5. New movies/games (on #3 devices)
  6. Remember to breathe, laugh, & give the *side eye*

In all seriousness if your tense and uptight, your child is going to be tense and uptight. And a child’s tense and uptight plays out in crying, screaming, and temper tantrums (which shall be ignored, I don’t care where I am). Either way just make the day fun, if you have extra time explore and let your child walk around because sitting on a plane for 2+ hours will test the both of you.

Yus: 0 Parents: 1

Most recent travel find that I thought I would share, click here.

Safe travels!


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