Gifting Pets: Would you Gift an Animal?

I believe that ALL things happen for a reason.

Like last week when our neighbor told us that she had something for us and wanted us to stop by when we had a chance. We didn’t ever get to stop by but this past Wednesday she came knocking on our door.

She proceeded to ask me to come over because she had a gift for Yus. Now in my head, I’m thinking she has made him another blanket, how sweet. I left the door open and walked into her place. I spied a fish tank and when I rounded the corner to my surprise there were no fish in the tank but a gecko. SMH I nearly screamed.

the gecko

Somehow I mustered up a smile as she proceeded to explain how she inherited the gecko and took it in so that she could give it to our precious son. She went on to say, what a great pet gecko’s are for children and we’d only have to feed it live crickets. I repeat LIVE CRICKETS! HOLY COW.

So, our lovely neighbor decides to take said gecko out of the tank and motions for me to pet it. My smile left and turned into no thank you. She then says, can I show Yusuf, I know he’s going to love it. I walked her in our home, praying my child didn’t utter the new phrase he started saying while on vacation, “Oh! Shit” yes, that’s my child’s phrase. Instead when Yus went to  touch the gecko and it moved he snapped his hand back really quickly. THANK YOU LAWD!

Then she says, the words I’ve been dreading. “I’ll bring the tank over in a bit.” I blurted out, I need to run this by my husband first, so we’ll get up with you the weekend.

Now, here is where I know for certain things happen for a reason. For the majority of our marriage J has worked from home and the above encounter NEVER would have happened. He recently started consultant and was out-of-town. This situation would have happened A LOT differently had he been home including our son uttering the phrase “Oh! Shit”. I’m convinced. Needless to say, we have been avoiding her like the plague ever since.

So my question to you…

Would you gift a reptile, dog, cat, fish, anything without asking the parents first?


One thought on “Gifting Pets: Would you Gift an Animal?

  1. Nooo, I couldnt gift such a ‘responsibility’ to someone no matter how close I was. Buying a pet is a pretty personal thing, it can take vet bills, looking after, attention, time, care (and in your case feeding it live crickets – holy cow indeed!!!). Its totally not something anyone should gift :P.

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