Workout Wednesday: Twelve Days of Christmas Workout Routine

I got this idea from my friend and trainer at work Allison.  During one of our Boot Camps she had us do a workout she called 12 Days of Christmas.  Below is an example, but you can mix and match different exercises in your routine.

Directions: Start with 12 repetitions of the first exercise, then 11 of the second.  Start over with 12 reps of the first exercise, 11 of the second, and 10 of the third.  Keep repeating just like that until you’ve done all twelve exercises. Remember you have to keep starting over back at 12 once you have completed each exercise. (Think of how the song goes and repeat each)

12 Jump Squats

11 Bicycles on each side

10 Mountain climbers (per side)

9 Jack Knifes

8 Push Ups

7 Lunges (each leg)

6 Squats

5 Lateral Raises

Vertical Leg Crunches

3 Burpees

2 Jumping Jacks

1 Minute Plank

Try it out and let us know what exercises you would add.


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