Confessions of a Gym Slacker Part 2

Hello my name is Elena and I’m a gym slacker. *Hello Elena*

Back in July Nkoyo posted her gym slacker confessions.  This time I am sad to say it is me.

I don’t have many excuses to give as to why I haven’t, been but just to name a few (just to get my whining out)

  • Last week I was traveling for work and just didn’t make time to workout. (enjoyed being in a bed w/out a LO)
  • This weekend I was child and hubby free and I become BFFs with my couch and bed.
  • The week before, work was crazy, energy was low and life was happening.  (another not so great excuse)

So I loved this from Nkoyo’s post/confession back in July and oh boy I need it now.  Get your life (Tamar Braxton voice).

I am happy to say that today was my 1st day back in the gym and boy oh boy was it a killer.  I felt like it was my very first time in Pump It class and I was whining and crying with every rep.  But I came out alive and will be back in there Tuesday.  Oh yeah Tuesday is the first day of my Couch to 5k training, this should really keep me on track.

Does this happen to you? I hope I’m not the only one that’s at times a closet slacker.


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