Workout Wednesday: Turkey Trot

It is Turkey Trot Season.  Have you registered for your local race this year?

I know Co and I are really thinking about signing up for our local Turkey Trots this year.  You can check out to see if there is one taking place in your home town.  If you are traveling for the Holidays get your family involved with you.  Many of the races are either 5 or 10k walk/runs.

You can get a great workout in before you are faced with all the yummy food later that day.

I am getting a head start on Nov 9th and running in the 12th Annual 5k that Benefits the Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC at my job.  This will be my 2nd 5k and I’m getting excited.

Get registered and go out and run/walk this Thanksgiving.  Let us know what races you will be participating in.


What to Expect: Working Out During Your First Trimester

Extra Extra Read all about it!!! There will be a new addition to the FFM crew.  As of Thursday last week I have finally reached my 2nd trimester.  Today I am 13 wks 5 days.  My energy levels are increasing and the nausea is gone too. Praise the Lord!!

I have continued to workout this go round where as I did absolutely noting but eat during my 1st pregnancy. Not a good look since I struggled to lose the weight.  Great thing is I got down 17 lbs and I’m much healthier this time.

I had to cut back on my 2x days and the crazy boot camps that I was so nicely addicted to.  My weekly workout routines currently includes 2 days of strength and cardio and 2 days of HIIT/C25K training.

During my 1st trimester my energy was none existent, I learned that I was anemic again, and put on iron.  The iron helped a little bit. My workouts started to get a bit depressing since I was now getting out of breathe faster and I felt weaker.  At this point I was like “Well I’m calling it, pregnancy sucks!”

I had to keep reminding myself that things will get better in my 2nd trimester and that if I keep it up me and the baby will both be healthy. (Thanks to everyone for listening to my whining, you know who you are. LOL)

I also had to do some research and listen to my doctors because there are 2 schools of thoughts about working out during pregnancy and especially during your 1st trimester.

Old school- don’t work out, no running you are shaking up the baby… Blah Blah Blah

New school- you and the baby will be fine, your not shaking up the baby, 1st trimester is a great time to start working out… Blah Blah Blah

I’m not a Dr but I like the thought of continuing to work out, eating healthy and over all listening to my body.

What Exercises are Safe in the First Trimester?

So a week into my 2nd trimester I have to say there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I’m going to enjoy the energy while I can.

Family Photos 101: Candid vs Studio

It’s that time of year for the Robinson family – the joyous time when we take our family photos. 🙂 J loves taking family photos, as do I but this year I decided to take it a step further and do something different.

Instead of the usual studio photo shoot I elected for a photographer and to take pictures outside and do more of the candid family photo shoot. Well now my nose is literally in the air and I have snubbed studio shoots for-ev-er. (I love Sandlot) 🙂  Seriously, we had  the most fun taking these pictures than any studio session before.

I’m lucky enough to work with some very talented people. My co-worker has a side photographer business called Photos & Company was willing to shoot my family. We had a consultation on where we wanted to take photos. We decided on a local park, that way Yus could have some fun! And then the inevitable happened. Zach, the photographer, said, “kids looks great in prints!”

OMG! WTHeck are we going to wear! 🙂 So, of course I googled family photos and I stumbled upon this great blog Cardigan Empire. The author just happens to style for Anthropologie and she posted some great articles on “How to Dress for Family Photos“. JACKPOT!

I headed to my polyvore and put together two family looks. I became slightly obsessed. 🙂

Look #1

Family Photo Option #1

Look #2

Family Photo Option #2

So, clearly what I finally decided on was a combination of both looks. Either way, we had so much and are looking forward to future shoots with our new family photographer. HA! that just sounds cool ‘family photographer’.

Do you do studios shoots or candid shoots? Which do you like better?

Potty Training Redux: Boys Addition

So, I have bought into the “boys are harder to train than girls” theory and I’m over it already. Like seriously, we are 2 months into Yus being the magnificently eye rolling, mean mugging, STOP IT please, terrible twos. I can’t tell you how ready  I am to go into every public bathroom and explore

are you ready, i was born ready!

because they never really have to go when your out in public. They just want to see the bathroom and in my husbands case, according to my MiL, just judge to see how clean they are.

Yes, Yus has equal parts of J and I. He has the cleanliness of my husband and the I’ll do it myself independent attitude of yours truly. So, now that you know what this Mama is working with… P sent me this lovely email yesterday morning, ‘Signs of Potty Training Readiness’.

In short:

  1. Your changing fewer wet diapers
  2. Your child’s bowel movements are predictable
  3. He broadcasts bodily functions
  4. He despises dirty diapers
  5. He’s able to  perform simple dressing
  6. He understands bathroom lingo
  7. He demands a live demonstration

My answers:

  1. Yes, I change fewer diapers
  2. Of course, they are. Please don’t give my child corn it’s his only known kryptonite
  3. Never has. Unless you count the face of disgust he makes during the process
  4. He’s a BOY! Who currently likes to clean
  5. If you consider taking his shirt off at random times to rub his belly, then YES!
  6. Yes, and he always says, NO I don’t need go MOMMY!!!!! 🙂
  7. I don’t remember the last time I have been to the bathroom by self. I haven’t had to flush the toilet in at least a year and now he even hands me toilet paper.

So, I guess we are ready! 🙂 More seriously, there should be a number 8 and I think we all know what that is… He can tell you how to put on the diaper. SMH MY LIFE!

More to come on this story – stay tuned!

New Workout: Surfset Fitness

I was flipping through ‘The View’ clips on Hulu yesterday and came across Sherri  Shepherd’s ‘Hot New Workouts’ segments. Of course I was glued and the one that caught my attention was Surfset Fitness. I’ve always had this fantasy ever since the movie Blue Crush of being a surfer and having an endorsement deal with Hurley or O’Neill and getting on the cover of Surf Magazine. HA! 🙂

So, I digress and back to Sherri’s segment. One of the workouts she showcased was with Sarah Ponn and Surfset Fitness. This workout is amazeballs and I could at least pretend that I was a great surfer after several workouts.

Here is a clip of Sherri – I absolutely love her commitment, this is truly a full body workout.

Sherri & Surfset Fitness

I already signed up to get an email when Surfset Fitness hits gyms in Chicago. I’m so excited and I can’t wait to sign up for a class. I just might become a recreational surfer! YES!! 🙂

Have you heard of or tried any new workouts lately?