New Workout: Surfset Fitness

I was flipping through ‘The View’ clips on Hulu yesterday and came across Sherri  Shepherd’s ‘Hot New Workouts’ segments. Of course I was glued and the one that caught my attention was Surfset Fitness. I’ve always had this fantasy ever since the movie Blue Crush of being a surfer and having an endorsement deal with Hurley or O’Neill and getting on the cover of Surf Magazine. HA! 🙂

So, I digress and back to Sherri’s segment. One of the workouts she showcased was with Sarah Ponn and Surfset Fitness. This workout is amazeballs and I could at least pretend that I was a great surfer after several workouts.

Here is a clip of Sherri – I absolutely love her commitment, this is truly a full body workout.

Sherri & Surfset Fitness

I already signed up to get an email when Surfset Fitness hits gyms in Chicago. I’m so excited and I can’t wait to sign up for a class. I just might become a recreational surfer! YES!! 🙂

Have you heard of or tried any new workouts lately?

4 thoughts on “New Workout: Surfset Fitness

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