Potty Training Redux: Boys Addition

So, I have bought into the “boys are harder to train than girls” theory and I’m over it already. Like seriously, we are 2 months into Yus being the magnificently eye rolling, mean mugging, STOP IT please, terrible twos. I can’t tell you how ready  I am to go into every public bathroom and explore

are you ready, i was born ready!

because they never really have to go when your out in public. They just want to see the bathroom and in my husbands case, according to my MiL, just judge to see how clean they are.

Yes, Yus has equal parts of J and I. He has the cleanliness of my husband and the I’ll do it myself independent attitude of yours truly. So, now that you know what this Mama is working with… P sent me this lovely email yesterday morning, ‘Signs of Potty Training Readiness’.

In short:

  1. Your changing fewer wet diapers
  2. Your child’s bowel movements are predictable
  3. He broadcasts bodily functions
  4. He despises dirty diapers
  5. He’s able to  perform simple dressing
  6. He understands bathroom lingo
  7. He demands a live demonstration

My answers:

  1. Yes, I change fewer diapers
  2. Of course, they are. Please don’t give my child corn it’s his only known kryptonite
  3. Never has. Unless you count the face of disgust he makes during the process
  4. He’s a BOY! Who currently likes to clean
  5. If you consider taking his shirt off at random times to rub his belly, then YES!
  6. Yes, and he always says, NO I don’t need go MOMMY!!!!! 🙂
  7. I don’t remember the last time I have been to the bathroom by self. I haven’t had to flush the toilet in at least a year and now he even hands me toilet paper.

So, I guess we are ready! 🙂 More seriously, there should be a number 8 and I think we all know what that is… He can tell you how to put on the diaper. SMH MY LIFE!

More to come on this story – stay tuned!


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