What to Expect: Working Out During Your First Trimester

Extra Extra Read all about it!!! There will be a new addition to the FFM crew.  As of Thursday last week I have finally reached my 2nd trimester.  Today I am 13 wks 5 days.  My energy levels are increasing and the nausea is gone too. Praise the Lord!!

I have continued to workout this go round where as I did absolutely noting but eat during my 1st pregnancy. Not a good look since I struggled to lose the weight.  Great thing is I got down 17 lbs and I’m much healthier this time.

I had to cut back on my 2x days and the crazy boot camps that I was so nicely addicted to.  My weekly workout routines currently includes 2 days of strength and cardio and 2 days of HIIT/C25K training.

During my 1st trimester my energy was none existent, I learned that I was anemic again, and put on iron.  The iron helped a little bit. My workouts started to get a bit depressing since I was now getting out of breathe faster and I felt weaker.  At this point I was like “Well I’m calling it, pregnancy sucks!”

I had to keep reminding myself that things will get better in my 2nd trimester and that if I keep it up me and the baby will both be healthy. (Thanks to everyone for listening to my whining, you know who you are. LOL)

I also had to do some research and listen to my doctors because there are 2 schools of thoughts about working out during pregnancy and especially during your 1st trimester.

Old school- don’t work out, no running you are shaking up the baby… Blah Blah Blah

New school- you and the baby will be fine, your not shaking up the baby, 1st trimester is a great time to start working out… Blah Blah Blah

I’m not a Dr but I like the thought of continuing to work out, eating healthy and over all listening to my body.

What Exercises are Safe in the First Trimester?

So a week into my 2nd trimester I have to say there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I’m going to enjoy the energy while I can.


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