Guest Post: Juggling Act

Cindy Doyle Richardson-Keys

Daughter of Christ, wife to Amiri, mother of six, accounting student, entrepreneur, modest, humble, reliable, patient, grateful, blessed, ME!!

Did anyone imagine when they were younger that the married life with children would resemble the sitcom “The Cosby Show?”  I know I definitely did but my day-to-day juggle never seems to be summed up with that fun-loving feeling in 30 minutes.  However, in my 24-7 real life experience of being a child of the most high, a wife, a mother, sole-operator and owner of my business, a college student, sister friend and so many other things to so many other people; prioritizing, multi-tasking, compromising and delegating became my best friends quickly.

  • While I will not compromise on the time that I spend with God daily, I incorporate my study and worship time in other aspects of my life.   Ex:  when I receive the Affirmation/Scripture of the Day, I take the time to research the scripture and study it with my husband or a good sister friend.  We pray, study and expand our spiritual growth while we’re both working!  This a good time to put that free, daily subscription to Scripture of the Day to use.
  • Date time is so IMPORTANT!!!   One of the biggest mistakes that couples make in marriage/committed relationships is forgetting to date each other.  This is imperative especially during the years when your children are young.  Date time (and children are not invited I must add) helps you to remember the reason you fell in love with your spouse.  It keeps you connected through everything.  And it doesn’t have to be expensive or lavish unless you choose this option.  My hubby and I date every Thursday.  It has become the best day of the week for both of us as we manage hectic schedules.  I can look into his eyes and melt at the sight of his smile and enjoy his conversation without hearing the noise  of “MAAAAAAA, he touched me.”  Marriage is hard work, defy the odds and make a pact to stay in there committed to love each other through everything.
  • We have six beautiful children that are all involved in so many activities that it takes two vehicles on any given Saturday to get everybody to games, recitals, plays, ministry meetings or whatever else is in season at that time.  But this is not a complaint!!  Enjoy these years, they fly by!!!  I remember hearing older people recite this when I was a new mother and I also remember thinking, “they just don’t know I can’t  wait until they’re all grown and gone.”  But now that my oldest is in the 7th grade and will be graduating high school in 5 more years, the reality that he’s almost gone has hit me.  I take in every moment and not just with my camera phone.  I breathe, live and love in that moment.  No outside distractions allowed.  These memories can never be replaced.  Take in each moment and love it no matter how cold it is at the football game, how many times you hear their trumpet squeak out Jingle Bells or how many times you’ve heard your cheerleader shout, “B-E—A-G-G-R-E-S-S-I-V-E!”

Embrace, love and enjoy these moments.  Everything else in life will fall into place.  What is your priority?  Money will come and go but the non-tangible things will imprint the most love and fulfillment of your life’s purpose in your heart and on your mind.


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