Workout Wednesday: Sweet Potato Pie

Can you believe next week is Thanksgiving? I can’t even wrap my head around how 2012 has flown by. I know the holidays tend to give the ‘newly fit’ or ‘I just lost 15lbs’ folks a challenge. What’s that challenge you say? The challenge not to eat all the foods you have deprived yourself of for months.

I hope you have been giving yourself some cheat snacks in an effort not to gorge over the holidays but in the event that you haven’t here are a few tips to get in your head over the next week so you’re not unbuttoning your pants after dinner.

Tip #1: Don’t stop your workout schedule just because it’s the holidays. Continuing to workout could mean the difference between gaining  all 15lbs back, gaining 5lbs or simply maintaining.
Tip #2: It’s OK, to tell grandma, “No, Thank You”, when she offers you that second piece of sweet potato pie.

Tip #3: Be on dishes duty. Stay active as much as possible!

Tip #4: Remember portion control! Fill that plate with veggies first, than meat, grains, and a starch.

Tip #5: Left overs are your friend! 🙂 No need to eat everything in one sitting or even one day.

Pre-Sweet Potato Pie Workout

50 jumping jacks

15 walking lunges

25 arm curls w/ side step

50 crunches

15 mountain climbers

25 squats

20-30 minute walk/run


2 thoughts on “Workout Wednesday: Sweet Potato Pie

    • Thanks, glad you like it! Seriously I’ll be eating some pie as well this Thanksgiving I’m on dessert duty. So taste testing is in order, but of course! 🙂

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