Traveling with Kids During the Holidays

Peyton’s 1st Flight to CA  (8months)

The Holiday Season is right around the corner.  Time to start traveling to visit friends and family.  We reached out to Deborah Banks who is an Elite Cruise Counselor for some tips when traveling with your little ones.

Traveling with Kids

Frequent travelers know the ins and outs of travel – from navigating airport security to keeping clothes wrinkle free inside their luggage. Learn to travel like a veteran with our travel tips.

Travel Tip #1

Make your trip fun. If you’re taking a long car trip, take turns telling stories or jokes, and play games and sing songs. If they start to act up, which is expected during a long trip, remember to be patient because vacation is supposed to be relaxing. It’s a time to form lasting memories with your kids and you don’t want to miss that opportunity. Explain to them that you’re unhappy with their behavior, and move on.

Travel Tip #2

If you’re flying, talk to your children before you arrive at the airport and make sure they’re ready for security screening. Instruct them not to make foolish statements near security and explain the consequences of doing so. Remember, you’re responsible for your child and if they utter something deemed threatening you could be fined, or even locked up. Consider asking for a private screening if you’re traveling with more than one child.

Travel Tip #3

Let children watch videos during car rides, but don’t overdo it. Kids may be quiet when they’re watching, but it’s a passive activity. Your children will need to use up some of their natural energy, so limit the amount of TV or videos they watch and make occasional stops so they can get exercise

Travel Tip #4

When flying, try to avoid the first flights out of, or into, major hubs. Typically, businesspeople overload these flights, such as a late afternoon or early evening “commuter” flight. Fewer passengers leaves more room for your family.

Travel Tip #5

Keep your kids stimulated during the trip. Try to plan fun activities at your destination and talk about the vacation before you leave so they’ll be engaged. Show them pictures, books,movies and documentaries so they have a better understanding of what the vacation will be about. If you’re traveling to a foreign country, have them sample the cuisine at home. Heading to San Francisco? Have them color drawings of the Golden Gate Bridge or other landmarks. Anything to get them excited and engaged.

Travel Tip #6

Let each child pack a small bag with special toys, dolls or books he or she would like to bring along. Art supplies, pads of paper, markers, and glue sticks are also good ideas. For children who like to read, pack a bag of books or books on tape, and your kids can spend time reading or listening to stories if they’re bored.

Travel Tip #7

When anyone travels they’re put in contact with a plethora of germs, some of which their bodies haven’t become immune to. Make an appointment with a pediatrician well in advance to be sure you’re kids are up-to-date with vaccinations and reference the Centers for Disease Control for health warnings specific to your destination. Double-check to make sure you have a full supply of necessary medications.

Travel Tip #8

Giving kids treats is an easy way to reward them and keep them quiet. But make sure they also maintain a healthy diet. Eat regular meals, and limit the amount of caffeine and sweets they consume to avoid over-stimulation. Be sure your children get enough sleep, too. They’ll feel better, and you’ll have a happier vacation, if they’re well rested.


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If you need help planing your next trip please reach out to Deborah Banks for all of your travel needs.

Deborah Banks, ECC | Elite Cruise Counselor  | Independently Owned and Operated
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