Kids Say the Darndest Things…

Well folks we have entered into that phase of our parenting lives when our Yus has become a regular talking tom. I feel like each week he graces us with something new that he can do or say. That either shocks us, makes us laugh, or gets us changing our habits.

So this weekend was nothing new. I made the mistake of laughing at this first phrase because it caught me completely off guard and has us changing our TV habits. So, Sunday morning before getting ready for church the TV was on and Yus and I were chatting and watching TV when the movie trailer for The Haunted House, (the new Wayne’s family movie) came on. Essence Atkins’ character says, “I kicked you in your ghost balls” and my talking tom Yus repeated that phrase word for word. I fell out laughing and then caught myself but it was too late for a discipline moment because now he thinks “ghosts balls” are funny.

Parent learning lesson #127: Don’t be so quick to laugh and when your child hits a certain age PBS, Sprout and Nick Jr should be on all TV channels.

The next phrase my talking tom learnt this weekend was “Get it done!” My hubs tends to use this phrase during my moments of rattling off my to do a list for the house or whatever new project I have come up with. This is one of J’s encouraging phrases and it usual comes along with a smile and in the tone of “You can do it!” 🙂 So, as I’m rattling off my list of things/projects I want to get done around the house this week J says, “Get it done baby!” and talking tom Yus follows with a “Get it done Mommy!” HAHAHAH My reply, “Thanks, Babe and Yus!”

Parent learning lesson #1: Make sure the words, affirmations and phrases you speak to your spouse, partner or significant other are those that are encouraging, loving, and positive. Your talking tom will most likely pick them up and use them in the same tone and way that you use them to their friends, to you, and down the line to their spouse, partner or significant other. We are seriously being watched. LOL 🙂

Hope everyone had a fun and eventful first weekend of the New Year.


2 thoughts on “Kids Say the Darndest Things…

  1. Thanks for the precious reminder that my fiance and I need to be more careful around our 3yo chatter box! She has embarrassed me plenty of times, but somehow I fail to learn 😦 I will think of this blog when I am with her. Thank you!

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