Workout Wednesday: Train Up A Child

Co and I are believers that we have to train up our children in every area of their lives.  This also includes fitness and making sure they develop healthy eating habits.  Just as we have Talking Toms, our children will follow in our foot steps in the fitness and in the food choices we make too.

This season on the Biggest Loser, they have 3 adolescents that they will be working with.  This is just more confirmation of the work we have to do in regards to our children.

In an effort to address the growing problem of childhood obesity, the teens will occasionally participate in challenges and visit the ranch, but they won’t have to weigh in or face elimination like others on the show. Instead, their purpose is to learn to lead a healthier lifestyle and to inspire others back home. Today

Include your children in your workouts and encourage them to make healthy food choices. Get them involved in grocery shopping and make it fun for them.

For more ideas revisit some of our older post: Mommy and Me Workout and Pro Training: Mommy’s Time To Get Buff

Peyton Doing Push Ups and Planks

Peyton Doing Push Ups and Planks

Yus doing Yoga

Yus doing Yoga


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