Workout Wednesday: 8 New Ways to Workout Pre and Post Baby

Co and I are sticking to working out during our second pregnancies.  I know I have had to scale back a bit on how often and reduce my weights a bit but I’m doing it.  Overall I am extremely proud of myself for continuing to get some form of exercise in at least 2-4 times a week.  During my 1st pregnancy I wasn’t physically active at all and I didn’t care to make any healthy food decisions. 😦

Currently My week may consist of the following classes:

  • Monday and Wednesday- Pump It class, a 60 min strength and cardio class.
  • Tuesdays- 30 min stretch class
  • Thursday-Sunday- I try to get either a home workout in or if the weather is nice take Peyton out for a walk at the it Class I got an email from Fit Pregnancy and they had 8 New Ways to Workout.  Some of these classes I have never heard of but they sound fun.  I will be looking in to them to try out pre and post baby.

Let us know if you have heard of or tried out some of the following:

  1. Zumba
  2. Aqua Boot Camp
  3. Dailey Method
  4. Soul Cycle
  5. The Bar Method
  6. Sumits Yoga
  7. Kinesis
  8. Piloxing

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