Handsome Fella or Lil Lady? Gender Reveal Party Redux

So, in lieu of a baby shower to celebrate the birth of our second child I decided to have a gender reveal party. I took a large page out the Hostess with the Mostess  (HWTM) blog and used the theme Handsome Fella or Lil Lady, which was created by Cristina Prusz of Le Partie Sugar.


Big Brother!

I decided immediately that I loved everything about the theme for the party from the invites to the decorations. I literally studied the Le Partie Sugar blog post and the HWTM post to make sure I had every detail to recreate the party. I ordered the invites and the decorating kit from Cristina’s etsy shop and had everything printed at my local Office Max. I’m pretty sure you can print at home for even cheaper but I didn’t have all the supplies and it was easier for me to delegate this task. 🙂

I also included Yus’ on everything as he of course is the big brother. I found a cute mustache long sleeve by Vicarious Clothing that just fit perfectly with our party theme for Yus.

I went with white table covers, clear plastic plates & cutlery and kiwi cups and napkins (to match the chartreuse in the color scheme). My MiL had mentioned that games were a must for the 2 hour party just to keep every entertained. We already had everything for the voting station – complete with stickers for everyone to wear of their choice. Which made it easy to split everyone into teams for the games if need be. So, while browsing pinterest I stumbled upon Through Clouded Glass blog, where Callie Nicole has had 2 great gender reveal parties.  Check her site for some great game ideas. We decided just to play a Mad Libs game I put together.

Nonetheless the party was great – and we are having another BOY!

gender reveal 3


Yus’ Shirt by Vicarious Clothing

Vicarious on FB & Twitter @be_vicarious

The Sweet Shop Cookie Co on FB

Hope everyone had a great weekend and great President’s Day! I know I did!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Handsome Fella or Lil Lady? Gender Reveal Party Redux

  1. Love this!!!!! Too cute!! Congrats on another son, love boys, they are non stop energy!!!! Girls require another type of energy, lol!

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