Workout Wednesday: P1 vs P2

So I thought this week I would take a trip down memory lane and compare my pregnancies thus far.


  • Starting weight: 197
  • 40wks: 238
  • Workouts-None, I stopped once the 1st trimester lazys kicked in.
  • Eating: I lived by the eating for 2!!! I gave in to every craving and lived it up with food.
  • Health: I did have high blood pressure and a lot of fluid built up on my body. Anemic and on iron.


  • Starting weight :209
  • 29 wks 224
  • Workouts- Ran a 5k at 15wks, keeping up with Pump it classes twice a week and pushing to get at least 2 additional days added in.
  • Eating: I make better food decisions, I’m human and will give in to some cravings but I’m more aware of what I’m eating.
  • Health: No high blood pressure or meds this time!!!! 🙂 Anemic and on iron.
19wks P1 and 17 wks P2

19 wks P1 and 17 wks P2

20 wks it is a girl x2

20 wks it is a girl x2

25 wks P1 and P2

25 wks P1 and P2

Working our during P2

Working out during P2

I can see some difference in most of my pics but I can really tell a difference in how I feel and my energy levels.  Now that I’m in my 3rd trimester I can’t lie I am feeling every bit of being pregnant.  But this go around seemed to go by faster and wasn’t as uncomfortable. (this may change in the next few months lol)


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