Color Blocking: Baby Shower Addition

Tomorrow is Elena’s baby shower for P2 and I put together this cute spring color block look. The theme of the shower is ‘Ready to Pop’ and the color scheme is teal and purple. So, why not have the guest of honor decked out in her colors. It’s a nice and subtle way to say, “This is my party!” 🙂

Baby Shower Color Blocking

My favorite part of this look are the accessories. They give you that color block feel without having to step outside your comfort zone too much.

  1. Essential Maternity dress – if you’re a little self-conscious about wearing stripes during pregnancy opt for a solid color dress
  2. Belt – add your pop of color with a belt to be worn above the belly – to make the dress more of an empire waist feel
  3. Floral Blazer – just for photos! I know being preggo I go from hot to cold in a flash and plus it just completes the look
  4. Bubble necklace – add a pop of color with your necklace so when your jacket is off you’re still well put together
  5. Bangles – enough said! 🙂
  6. Classic Satchel – every women needs a satchel bag
  7. Ballet Flats – opt for a neutral color – if heels are still an option for you opt for a neutral color as well and go with a thicker heel or wedge for more support (depending on what stage of pregnancy you are in)
  8. Watch – mama must always be on time!

Have a blast this weekend Elena and update us with pictures!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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