Fun Postnatal Fitness Alternatives: Nkoyo’s List

So, now that I’m only 6 weeks away from my due date I’m starting to think about all the fitness alternatives I can do outside of the gym.  I made the decision in my 7th month of pregnancy that I was going to say “see ya later” to the gym and utilize the DVDs, gaming system options, pavements and boot camps that I always wanted to try but never did because I was tied to my gym membership. I started to compile this list of fun fitness alternatives to the gym and thought I should share.

  1. Forward Fit class/boot camp
  2. Rock climbing
  3. Walking/Running – I want to make new routes 🙂
  4. Surfset Fitness
  5. Tia Mowry’s Yoga DVDs
  6. Nike+ Kinect Training
  7. Dirty Girl Mud Run or any mud run
  8. Zumba Fitness for Kinect
  9. Sky Performance @ Sky Zone – this class looks so SICK!!! Need them to open in my area.
  10. Shamrock Shuffle 2014

I can’t wait to try these out and/or sign up for some of these races next year. I have to be cautious in the first few months to see what workouts are going to work for me while I nurse for the next 9 months to a year. But I’m very excited that my mindset this time around is totally different from what it was pre/postnatal with Yus.

Fit Fly Mom of boys here I come!!!!!!!

Do you have a list of fun fitness activities or exercises you want to try? Let us know on Facebook and @FitFlyMamaNWR and we can try them out with you.


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