fitbit Flex – YESSS!

To say I’m excited about this new fibit gadget is an understatement. When I saw its sleek design and features on the website I provided my email so I could know when it would be available for purchase.

Well, Monday morning I received the awesome email that the Flex was ready for online purchase. Wooot Wooot! Since, I just put my old fitbit on charger, I might have to pass it down to my mom when she comes to help out with the baby and order this sleek new bracelet. No more adjusting the bra or looking down my shirt to see if I hit my mid-day goal! BOOM! I’m excited cause it’ll be on my wrist. Not to mention it comes in some great colors – the tangerine and teal might be my favorite shades. Those colors aren’t available for purchase just yet so I’ll be stalking the site until they are.

New Picture (16)


Are you fitness gadget obsessed? Let us know in the comments, on Facebook or @FitFlyMamasNWR or @FitFlyMamasEPL.


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