Guest Post: I am my Child’s Greatest Teacher!

Last week I was speaking with Cindy about ways to reinforce what Peyton is learning in school, and her always wanting to teach me.  In my mind I thought I needed to teach her, but Cindy assured me that I should let her do her thing.  I asked her to share with us some tips and activities on how to work with our children.  Check out her earlier post Educating Your Children Beyond The Classroom

Cindy Doyle Richardson-Keys

Daughter of Christ, wife to Amiri, mother of six, accounting student, entrepreneur, modest, humble, reliable, patient, grateful, blessed, ME!!

I am my Child’s Greatest Teacher!

Have you ever found yourself frustrated with trying to find time in your busy schedule to teach your child?  Do you lose patience when your child isn’t receiving the information the way you’d like?  Or my favorite, have you realized that you don’t understand the new methods that your child is learning in school?  Scheduling in one-on-one time with your children seems impossible some days!  There is just not enough time in the day to sit down and teach or review a new skill.  So here are some tips on scheduling in real life teaching applications:

Phonics, Sounds and Find that Letter!!!

  • Play the rhyming game:  name 3 items that rhyme and have your child give you rhyming words back even if they are silly or made up words.
  • Sing silly poems that incorporate the letter’s sound:  blue ball, bumble bee, buh buh B!!
  • When you have free time, start to label items in your house with index cards (i.e. window, table, computer, door, cookie jar).  If the letter of the week is C, start a scavenger hunt with your child to find everything that starts with the letter C in the house.  This will help your child start to recognize the letter of the week more often.
  • Pick out letters on billboards and signs that you pass on the ride home (i.e. Can you tell me what letters you see on the STOP sign?  What letters are in the Chik-fil-a logo?

Math & Economics While Grocery Shopping

  • Have your child count the number of eggs in the carton as they check for cracked eggs.
  • Try math word problems:  If there are 10 juice boxes in a pack, how many days this week can you and your sister have a juice box for lunch?
  •  I am paying for our groceries with a twenty dollar bill, how much change will I get back since the total is $17.89?
  • We need one tomato for everyone in our family, can you count out 5 tomatoes for dinner please?


Ready, Set, Learn?

  • This one works with older children.  If you have 15 minutes to dedicate to your child, have them write out 5 math problems that you both have to solve.   You solve them your way and allow them to teach you how they learned to solve the problem.  More than likely you will be introduced to something new and your child will feel proud of himself for teaching you a new skill and for the confidence that he gained because he knew how to solve it!


Read to Me

  • Instead of you reading to your child at night, have them read the story to you especially if it’s a story that your child has heard a zillion times!  They will be able to dictate the story back to you and you can always ask age appropriate questions for comprehension.  This is a great way to build confidence in their “reading out loud” skill.

We are indeed our children’s best teachers.  They will learn many lessons from our character, our behavior, our integrity and our mannerisms.  They are watching EVERYTHING that we do and far too often sometimes, they will show you what a smaller version of yourself is like, lol!  Be sure to capitalize on the impressionable moments you have with your child and invest your best efforts into their future.

Share with us some of the activities you do with your children Facebook or @FitFlyMamasNWR or @FitFlyMamasEPL.


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