Shared Nursery: Update

The boys are happily sharing their room in the day time. 🙂 Yus is still co-sleeping and Amir is sleeping like a prince in their room. Here is a breakdown of the room!

Project #1: Chalkboard wall (more like block :))

We (myself & awesome friend Kerry-Ann) used Martha Stewart chalkboard paint and sectioned off the area I wanted to paint with painters tape. After applying 2 coats and letting it dry we sat with the kiddos and painted the letters that would be used as a boarder. Our kids enjoyed painting the letters! 🙂



Amir’s closet

Project #2: Closet Clean Out

This was well over do and the fact that it took 2 days (more like 3 hours, night 1 and 3 hours night 2) is probably why I dreaded it in the first place. I was on a mission to not have my husband come back to the room looking a Hot Mess and I was tired of stepping over things and it not being organized.

I purchased the hanging closet storage and drawers from here and here.


Yus’ closet








Project #3: Wall Art + Curtain change

I found some really cute & in expensive wall decals from Target (similar here) and only used the decals that had big/little animals to go with the big/little brother theme. Also, I changed the curtains from green to white so that room felt fresh and vibrant or it could be I was just over the green LOL 🙂 but FRESH and VIBRANT just seems like better word options.

WHALA this is the finished product…


loves it!

Just a note the ‘E’ and ‘S’ broke so they are missing in the letter boarder picture above and the crib is completely together. We found the crib screws before the baby was born and the hubs put the front rail on the crib.

Hope everyone is having an awesome summer!

Do you have any shared nursery decorating tips? Let us know in the comments below.


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