Tabata Training – A Fit Mamas Dream Come True

So, I recently stumbled across Pumps & Iron while gawking on Pinterest. I was repining her 8-Minute Abs 2.0 workout as I need one to accompany my Zumba workouts for the #FFM90Day challenge. As I was looking through her blog I noticed she had these 4 minute interval workouts called Tabata this/that.

Well low & behold Tabata is a 20 minute workout that consists of 20 seconds of high intensity  with 10 seconds of rest, done in 8 rounds. JOY!!!!!!!! Clearly, I have been hiding under a rock that receives  limited workout channels. 🙂


  • 4 minutes long (entire Tabata session)
  • 20 seconds intense training
  • 10 seconds rest
  • 8 sessions/rounds

For more info on Tabata and it’s foundation click here

Here is a handy Tabata timer if you don’t have an interval app or stop watch

I’m excited to start incorporating Tabata in my workout schedule so that I can continue to give my body new routines so my muscles are getting something new regularly.

Here is a great Tabata Full Body workout from Popsugartvfit – great for when your traveling – just replay the video if you need some more.

If you haven’t already – start posting your #FFM90Day workouts on Facebook or Twitter and if you follow us on Instagram post a picture there! 🙂


Challenge Kick-Off #FFM90Days

What’s UUUUUPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you can’t tell by my numerous exclamation points I’m on an endorphins HIGH and feeling Ah-Mazing. I’ve been working out faithfully since Aug. 14 and when P and I decided to challenge ourselves and you our readers to 90 days of #noexcuses and #nodaysoff I was more than excited.

I had no idea, though, how much of an impact it would have on me. Yes, it’s only been 2 full days but I made the committment to myself a week ago that this would be another lifestyle change for me. My first being almost 2 years ago to making better food choices and eating healthier 5-6 days/week. 🙂 Now of course I had my slips but my healthy days out weighed my fatty-fried-food days by far.

I hope everyone is as excited and motivated as we are! Lets make the next 90 days GREAT! Did I mention this challenge is over the day before Thanksgiving? So, say buh-bye to the days of feeling like you’re not fit on Thanksgiving! 🙂 Not to mention we’ll be in shape to run a Turkey Trot and a Christmas race (if there is one in your area).

My current Monday-Friday morning schedule:

5:15am Zumba Rush

6-7am dress self + 2 boys

7am nurse AR

7:15am out the door (if everything btwn 6-7 goes according to plan :))

I workout in the mornings because I have a really hard time working out mid-day or after work. So, I had to throw out my ‘I’m too tired’ or ‘I can’t wake up’ excuses and just do it. BOOM! in my face. 🙂

To see daily updates and motivation that doesn’t hit the blog or FB follow us on Instagram: fitflymamas 🙂 And before you ask yourself – Yas! that’s me on my bonnet flow! 🙂


Let’s do this! #FFM90Days


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