Back to Life Back to Reality: Vacation Is Over

As of Aug 19th the 2 kid Reality hits.  Don’t get me wrong it hit when Piper was born almost 4 months ago, but now my Hubby’s summer vacation is over.  This now means I will be handling daycare drop off and pick up for both girls and I can no longer sleep in. 😦 Vacation is over.  Along with football season (Shannon is the Head FB coach), Peyton has dance and tumbling 2 days out of the wk and swimming. So now I have to put in to action a few plans to make life easier in the mornings and in the evenings too.

Operation make my life easier will include weekend prep for the following:

  • Iron our clothes for the week
  • Meal planning and prep
  • Find hair styles that last for a week  (more for Peyton now)

I think getting our clothes together for the week will be my easiest task.  I love the weekly clothes organizers I have for the girls.  I need one for me too. 🙂

Here is a sample plan I have used in the past.Slide2

The joy when I have 3 heads to worry about. Co only has to brush the boys hair and go. (hating voice) 🙂

Peyton Braids

I tried box braids in her hair but it took too long do and take out. Looks cute but gets fizzy too fast

Think I will go back to 2 strand twist as my easy go to style.

Think I will go back to 2 strand twist as my easy go to style

What are your weekly go to tips and tricks to get you through the week? Facebook, @FitFlyMamasNWR @FitFlyMamasEPL and on Instagram.


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