Tabata Training – A Fit Mamas Dream Come True

So, I recently stumbled across Pumps & Iron while gawking on Pinterest. I was repining her 8-Minute Abs 2.0 workout as I need one to accompany my Zumba workouts for the #FFM90Day challenge. As I was looking through her blog I noticed she had these 4 minute interval workouts called Tabata this/that.

Well low & behold Tabata is a 20 minute workout that consists of 20 seconds of high intensity  with 10 seconds of rest, done in 8 rounds. JOY!!!!!!!! Clearly, I have been hiding under a rock that receives  limited workout channels. 🙂


  • 4 minutes long (entire Tabata session)
  • 20 seconds intense training
  • 10 seconds rest
  • 8 sessions/rounds

For more info on Tabata and it’s foundation click here

Here is a handy Tabata timer if you don’t have an interval app or stop watch

I’m excited to start incorporating Tabata in my workout schedule so that I can continue to give my body new routines so my muscles are getting something new regularly.

Here is a great Tabata Full Body workout from Popsugartvfit – great for when your traveling – just replay the video if you need some more.

If you haven’t already – start posting your #FFM90Day workouts on Facebook or Twitter and if you follow us on Instagram post a picture there! 🙂


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