Confessions of a Complacent Mama

Does this happen to you? You reach a big number say 10-20 lbs lost and you just get overly confident and start slowly throwing out the limits/rules you put in place that helped you succeed and reach that first or second goal. 


Sept. 2012 pre baby #2 weight — goal weight 9-12 months post baby 25 more pounds to go 🙂

This is me!

It’s currently happening as we speak. I know you haven’t been seeing my pink FT4  polar watch on social media lately and you’ve probably been wondering, “What in creation happened to this mama”. Well, this is my truth. I’m Nkoyo and I get complacent. {Hi! Nkoyo} 🙂

Seriously, it’s like I smash a goal and forget to keep going. So instead of riding my bike to the top of the hill and then leaning over so I can continue and bike down, I just sit there. My mental game says it’s over even though I can see that I still have more to do. SMH!

I have come to the realization that I see myself in the mirror as a smaller more fit version of what I currently am. It’s a gift and a curse. The gift is that I see myself smaller and know it can be a reality. The curse is that I see myself as this smaller version of myself now, like right now. 😛 “Silly Nkoyo, tricks are for kids” is what I keep hearing but I can’t seem to ride down the hill.

I know I have to take some drastic measures for the next 20+ days so that I can continue on my steady decline and reach my ultimate goal. So, I have to say adios to my scale until Oct. 22. So I can complete these next 30 days of the #ffm90days challenge and finish strong.

Drastic measures:

  • get back on the workout train
  • say NO to fried food
  • swap my chocolate for fruit
  • don’t step on the scale until Oct. 22nd

Do you ever get complacent with your fitness progress? Let us know in the comments below, on Facebook or Twitter.


#FFM90Days – Update


It has officially been 30 days and P and I have done pretty well. We have worked out more than ever and have taken significant strides in changing our eating habits.

Here are our 30 days results in numbers:

photoNot to shabby for the first 30 days. We are by no means at 100% and we have both taken more rest days than we wanted to but the idea that we actually ate well and worked out for 30 days is a major accomplishment.

So, don’t get down on yourself if you didn’t work out all 30 days. We didn’t and we’re not making excuses but you accepted the challenge and committed yourself to 30 days of eating healthy and fitness and you succeeded  because you are still standing and willing to commit another 30 days to getting yourself healthy. 🙂

So keep up the great work! Keep making those substitutions! Keep trying new workouts! And most important, keep going!

We are so excited that you have taken this challenge with us and we can’t wait to see what the next 30 days bring.


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Lies You Tell

As we look back at the excuses we told ourselves postpartum with baby number one it’s quite laughable. Clearly we were making excuses to be lazy and self loathing instead of proactive and positive.

Post-Yus my excuses/lies were:

  • it will lower my milk supply
  • he won’t like the lactic acid build up
  • i don’t have time
  • i’m exhausted
  • don’t have the money for a gym membership

Post-Peyton ~ Elena’s excuses/lies were:

  • too tired
  • no energy
  • i need a gym membership
  • can’t afford the membership
  • i need a trainer
  • i have to lose weight 1st before i workout

BAHAHAHAHAHAHA we were telling some serious lies to ourselves! 🙂 I’m glad we are not making excuses this time around. Instead we are waking up early, hitting the office gym at lunch and exercising with our little ones.

Our babies are our motivators not our excuses.

Keep pushing through  week 4 of #FFM90Days challenge, your results are right around the corner.


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Reward Yourself!

The best rewards are the ones that don’t have a calorie count.

Instead of rewarding yourself with a “cheat meal/day” save that lunch money and buy yourself something that you can actually use for more than a day. It’s a lifestyle change we are embarking on, not a change for 90 days or the moment.

I love, love, love fitness gadgets and motivational workout attire, along with handbags, shoes, clothes, mani/pedi’s and spa treatments.  I can go on but you get the point!


Change your thinking and instead treating yourself to a meal put that money towards:

  • fitness classes
  • new sneakers
  • equipment
  • clothes/bags

You’ll feel better and the guilt of eating something that isn’t good for you is gone!

My Rewards:

  • 10 lbs – workout gear (summer sale items)
  • 20 lbs – Nike Free Run 5.0+
  • 30 lbs – workout gear (leggings + tops + sports bras)
  • 40/50 lbs – new workout DVD (Focus T25/Hip Hop Abs) because I’ll probably be over the ones I’m currently using 🙂
  • 60 lbs – new bathing suit 🙂

Elena’s Rewards:

  • 10 lbs -kettlebells + jump rope
  • 20 lbs – Nike Free Run 5.0+
  • 30 lbs – new workout gear
  • 40 lbs – add to my  workout gear
  • 50 lbs – new hand bag
  • 60 lbs – 2 new outfits (maybe more) 🙂
  • 70 lbs – Spa day (the works) + new clothes
Grab a paper and a pen and get to writing down your rewards. Then post them where you can look at them daily. YOU CAN DO THIS!
Share your rewards with us in the comments, on Facebook, @FitFlyMamaNWR & @FitFlyMamasEPL or on Instagram @FitFlyMamas.

Bring Summer to Fall

I always have one summer dress that I’m not quite ready to let go of once fall begins. So, I don’t! 🙂 I tend to fall-it-up by adding a cardigan, scarf, tights, and flats/boots.

Bring Summer to Fall

I love extending certain items into the fall season. Pick a few of your own to extend.