FFM90Day Update

We are already at week 3 of the #FFM90Day Challenge and I must admit I have been struggling.  I started out strong and then at about week 2 I began to fall off track.  I have been pretty consistent (minus week 2) with my workouts but my eating has been out of control.  A lot of emotional eating has taken place and with the holiday and long weekend that didn’t help either.  So, on the 2nd I recommitted myself and I am determined to get my butt in gear. 🙂

20day till 30 day

I know I may not see a huge change on day 30, but days 60 and 90 will be amazing.

FFM90Day pic

I know I have to do this because over the last month my Dr. has told me that I’m border line pre-diabetic and she’d like to put me on a second med for my headaches (which she thinks are weight/stress related).  So, I have no choice at this point.  No More Excuses!!!

Keep up the good work and know that you can do it.

imagesdjljljkj imagesmind

Can’t wait to share my progress! Keep posting pictures and comments on FB, Twitter and Instagram @FitFlyMamas #FFM90Days.


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