Why Are You Doing It?

This past weekend we went to Darien Fest and had tons of fun!!!! 🙂 I did my usual workout but that Saturday morning it was with more oomph and power because I wanted a funnel cake at the fair and didn’t want to feel bad about sharing it with my son. 🙂 IMG_4952

So I burned some calories, ate a healthy breakfast, had a chicken salad for lunch and indulged in my (I mean our) funnel cake. It was Yus’ first funnel cake experience and I believe he thoroughly enjoyed it along with an icy and all the rides he went on by himself because he’s a big boy now! 🙂

It got me to thinking why or what are you working out for? Health. Self.  Jeans.  Bikini. Family.

Well I’m exercising for Self, to be a better wife and mother, and a bikini/tankini summer 2014! In that order. 🙂 But last Saturday morning I was specifically working out for that funnel cake that took me back to my summers at Point Pleasant and Seaside Heights beaches. I feel like every drive home was laced with the smell of the shore and funnel cake.

You can take the girl out of Jersey but never the Jersey out of the girl! Wuder Ice anyone! :p

IMG_4940 IMG_4941


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