Reward Yourself!

The best rewards are the ones that don’t have a calorie count.

Instead of rewarding yourself with a “cheat meal/day” save that lunch money and buy yourself something that you can actually use for more than a day. It’s a lifestyle change we are embarking on, not a change for 90 days or the moment.

I love, love, love fitness gadgets and motivational workout attire, along with handbags, shoes, clothes, mani/pedi’s and spa treatments.  I can go on but you get the point!


Change your thinking and instead treating yourself to a meal put that money towards:

  • fitness classes
  • new sneakers
  • equipment
  • clothes/bags

You’ll feel better and the guilt of eating something that isn’t good for you is gone!

My Rewards:

  • 10 lbs – workout gear (summer sale items)
  • 20 lbs – Nike Free Run 5.0+
  • 30 lbs – workout gear (leggings + tops + sports bras)
  • 40/50 lbs – new workout DVD (Focus T25/Hip Hop Abs) because I’ll probably be over the ones I’m currently using 🙂
  • 60 lbs – new bathing suit 🙂

Elena’s Rewards:

  • 10 lbs -kettlebells + jump rope
  • 20 lbs – Nike Free Run 5.0+
  • 30 lbs – new workout gear
  • 40 lbs – add to my  workout gear
  • 50 lbs – new hand bag
  • 60 lbs – 2 new outfits (maybe more) 🙂
  • 70 lbs – Spa day (the works) + new clothes
Grab a paper and a pen and get to writing down your rewards. Then post them where you can look at them daily. YOU CAN DO THIS!
Share your rewards with us in the comments, on Facebook, @FitFlyMamaNWR & @FitFlyMamasEPL or on Instagram @FitFlyMamas.

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